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WCMS has been a stalwart in the financial services industry since its inception in 2004, under the dynamic leadership of Mr. J.C. Thirumurugan. Armed with a BSc (1989) and a PG Dip in Software Development (1990), Mr. Thirumurugan boasts a rich professional journey spanning over 15 years.

During his early career, he served as a Software Programmer and Trainer, gradually transitioning to roles of significance in Marketing and Product Development. His multifaceted experience extends across IT, Training, Automobile Sales, and Oversea Education Promotion, with noteworthy contributions to renowned organizations such as BDPS, PC India, CARS India, UNIPRO, VST Motors, and Visu Consultancy.

Fueled by a legacy of entrepreneurship within his family,

Mr. J.C.Thirumurugan chose to pivot from his corporate career in pursuit of his vision, establishing WCMS in 2004 to offer cutting-edge financial solutions. His success in the business realm ignited a fervor for continuous expansion, with the ultimate goal of positioning WCMS as a listed security.

In 2019, Mr. J.C. Thirumurugan, leveraging his extensive two-decade experience, saw his visionary goal materialize with the incorporation of WCMS Investment Solutions Pvt Ltd (WCMS IS). Setting itself apart, WCMS IS identified and delved into three distinctive yet untapped key areas: WCMS Business EASY, WCMS Alternate Asset, and WCMS Wealth Coach.

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