B2B Network

B2B Network

B2B Network

Our Business Model is to connect Successful Business Opportunities with the Qualified and Right Fundraising Resources.

We are with a strong belief that our vision can be achieved only by means of networking with more & more likeminded business partners from the diverse walk of life. Our main focus is to develop a strong B2B network to share opportunities and resources.

We had started building our B2B Team since 2014 and now we are fairly strong in Chennai, Coimbatore, Thiruchirapalli, Bangalore, Mysore and Hyderabad. Our team represents individuals from Investment Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Bankers & people with influence in the society.

We provide the required product training and with the regular market updates. We have a dedicated backend team to take care of pre-sale and post-sales support.

We are planning to strengthen and widen our network to expand our reach and services further.

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  • Speakers Institute Training Program – Mumbai – 2015

  • Eco Hotels Experience Visit – Cochin 2017

  • London Convention – 2017