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Problem Statement:


Traditionally Business owners believe banks support their capital requirements, but Bankers are usually debt solution providers, where their decision is based on the security offered and not on the business idea. Also, today’s debt cost in India is on the higher side and if missed a few dues – he is pushed to NPA. Effective Business can only happen if the capital requirement is raised from the Capital Market. But the market is filled with too many options, leading to confusion with the risk of deferred decision-making.

Solution Offered:


We have successfully created a Market Place Aggregating all Types of Fundraising Solutions for a deserving Business Model. We assist Business Owners to pick the right Fundraising solution to suit their current requirement. Fundraise is an ongoing process with an effective entry and exit, we act as a one-time partner to take care of the present and future requirements .We make sure the right opportunity meets the perfect resources.


To make my mother country India, Economically strong and the next emerging global super power.


We strongly believe that our objective can be achieved if India becomes the land of innovation and if the innovation is in the hands of right entrepreneurship.

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WCMS Business Easy
WCMS Business EASY​

WCMS Business EASY​

Market Place, Aggregating all types of fundraising solutions for a successful business. Help the Business Owner to identify the right fundraising solution to suit his requirement.

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WCMS Alternate Asset​

B2B Distribution Platform to distribute exclusively Retail Alternate Asset Products.

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WCMS Alternate Asset
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Wealth Coach​

Unbiased, Non-academic, self-learning platform for Finance, Economics, and Lifestyle

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