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Wealth Coach

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  1. Essentials of investment (age 18-25):

Objective : To understand the basics and learn to get the best out of investing.

2. Investment Myths (age 25-40) :

Objective : Understand the common myths and learn to

3. Understand To Personalize (age 25-40) :

Objective : Understand your Financial Goal requirements,
Qualify & Quantify. Learn to personalize to your need.

 4. Retirement Planning (age 22-50) :

Objective : Understanding what retirement planning is, learn what must be there in your Retirement Plan and be prepared to make your Retirement plan work for your requirements.

 5. Risk Management (age 30-55) :

Objective : Understand the risk, Qualify & Quantify, learn to mitigate your personal and professional risk.

6. Build Your Portfolio (age 22-55) :

Objective : Understand the importance of portfolio,
Portfolio Construction, Portfolio Re-balancing, Asset

7. Estate Planning and Taxation (age 22-55) :  

Objective : Understand how to pass your wealth to the next generation, Business Succession Planning, learn to make the next generation live happy with your wealth.

8. Alternate Asset (age 22-55) :

Objective : Understand Alternate Asset class apart from
Gold, Equity, FD and Real Estate. Learn ways to create
wealth from Alternate Asset